Schoolkid, 14, Criminalised For Sending Naked Selfie To Classmate

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Schoolkid, 14, Criminalised For Sending Naked Selfie To Classmate UNILAD snapchat7Statesman

The crime of making and distributing indecent images has been recorded against a boy, 14-years-old, who sent a naked photograph of himself to a girl at his school.

He has not been formally arrested but the details of his “crime” are likely to be kept on record for a decade and be disclosed to future employers.

The Criminal Bar Association, who represent the views and interests of the practicing members of the criminal bar in England and Wales, argue that most people would be “pretty astonished that a boy who’s done this has ended up with material on a police computer”.

The child’s life will now be changed forever as he will no doubt be marginalised, socially excluded and discriminated against, for what surely can only be described as a childhood discretion.

The schoolboy, who will remain nameless, told BBC Radio 4 that he took the offending image in his bedroom on his own.

He then used popular app Snapchat to send it to one of his peers. The app is designed to delete images after 10 seconds. But it seems the girl took a screenshot of the picture and circulated it around the school.

A police officer working from the school then got hold of the image and felt it was appropriate to record it as a crime.

It is useful to note that if the child was over the age of 18 he would have been deemed the victim of ‘revenge porn’, and the pupils who shared the image would be prosecuted.

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Instead, the boy, and the female pupil involved, have been added to a criminal database. It should last up to 10 years, but we all know that nothing ever really gets deleted.

There is a reasonable chance the kids will now be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. Really? Over sexting? Something that most people reading this will have took part in at some point in their lives.

The mother told the Today programme that her son feels “humiliated”, was at “at best naive” and was “just being a teenager”.

The young schoolboy also commented saying: “It is just annoying really… Something that I did when I was 14 that could reflect badly in the future.”

This incident is just the latest example of our country’s disgusting obsession with criminalising young children.

Is it right?


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