This Lad Fell Asleep Drunk On A Radiator And ‘Melted’ His Arm

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I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there who have fallen asleep in some strange places after a night out. But have you ever melted your own arm in the process?

An engineering student from Plymouth who doesn’t want to be named (understandably) was so shitfaced that he passed fell asleep on a radiator and melted his arm to it.

Apparently it was off at the time he went to sleep but came on during his doze.

As you can see it looks pretty painful, and according to the 21-year-old it was. He said: ‘I had to peel myself off. It really hurt.’

Our question is that how did he not manage to feel his skin burning so badly? I don’t think I’d ever be drunk enough to not notice that.

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