Cara Delevingne Goes Topless In Puma Campaign To Empower Women

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Cara Delevingne Goes Topless In Puma Campaign To Empower Women CaraDelWEB 1200x800

Cara Delevingne is no stranger to putting herself in boundary-pushing, weird and wonderful positions for fashion photoshoots.

The supermodel has been body-painted head-to-toe, styled as a mermaid, asked to play with tigers, displayed her ‘lady garden‘, and most recently in her (admittedly disappointing performance) role as the Enchantress in Suicide Squad, inhabited by an ancient witch – all while looking immaculate.

But Puma had a simple request for Delevingne in their latest campaign – she just had to take her top off and be herself.

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Needless to say, not everyone would look this good – or have access to this level of photoshopping – naked with just a waistcoat and the word ‘MINE’ scrawled across their torso.

But the results are still pretty beautiful.

Puma Women’s Do You campaign is all about embracing your body and accepting it as ‘one of the most powerful instruments that we own’.

Cara – who has struggled with mental health issues throughout her life and anxiety over her stratospheric rise to supermodel stardom – speaks about vulnerability in the campaign.

She said:

Everyone is insecure it’s just being honest about that and having strength in vulnerability.

Don’t follow the crowd, don’t do what other people do because everyone else is doing it…

At the end of the day if they don’t like you, fudge off, or whatever.

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Puma recently hired Rihanna as the company’s Creative Director and have since welcomed many of her famous friends to their campaigns.

I particularly enjoyed the moment when they tried to get Kylie Jenner to do athletics and act like she’s street.

You can watch the hilarity as she flounders in front of the camera below:

A video posted by PUMA (@puma) on

A video posted by PUMA (@puma) on

Although they may have missed the mark before by utilising talentless people with unexplained numbers of Instagram followers to front their streetwear, Puma has absolutely hit the nail on the head with Do You.

Hopefully, people will see past the topless shot and dig deeper to reveal the powerful message that lies beneath that waistcoat.


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