Celebrities Reveal The Secret To Perfect Red Carpet Cleavage

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Celebrities Reveal The Secret To Perfect Red Carpet Cleavage KristenBell GettyImages 607578278 1200x800Getty

Imagine: it’s the Emmys. The world’s eyes and press’ HD cameras are upon you. The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction that will land you on the Daily Mail‘s disgusting sidebar of shame.

This is the plight of beautiful celebrities worldwide. But rather than feel sorry for them – they really don’t need our pity – we could actually learn something from these women. Namely, how to avoid looking like a total boob.

Enter Kristen Bell, who has a remarkably simple solution to this universal female fashion fail.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress took to Instagram to debunk the myth of pert boobs.

She posted a selfie, complete with an accurate anatomical drawing illustrating how cleverly placed sticky tape helped her breasts stay alert throughout the long, boring awards ceremony (because god forbid her boobs would look anything but surgically lifted).

Tape aside, Bell – who may have just overtaken Jennifer Lawrence in the race to become the most relatable female on the silver screen – kept it real and looked a million dollars. Hopefully the tape came off without inflicting any lasting damage.

The shading on my chin tonight was courtesy of @pizzasauce. #pizzasauce #emmys

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This isn’t the first time a woman in the spotlight has revealed the efforts required to keep the media happy and to look good according to society’s narrow and unforgiving beauty ideals.

Remember when Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of the heavy-duty gaffa-tape boob holster she constructed to keep her cleavage in place?

Nope? Nothing… Well, evidence proving it did actually happen to follow:

Now, whatever you think about Kim K, her construction skills are something to behold.

These pics may be desperate PR stunts in an attempt to keep celebrities ‘real’, ironically via their virtual social media presence.

Or they could just show us that we all have the same hang-ups, insecurities and feel the same undue pressure to look good – which is equally frustrating and reassuring.


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