Sexy Fairytale Lingerie Is Here, Because Japan

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fairy tale underwear wtRussell Shire | UNILAD

Japan has never been afraid to muddy our childhood memories with kink – and this latest underwear range is no exception.

We’ve barely recovered from the confusing emotions brought on by last month’s Pokemon underwear release – but now classic fairytales have been given the sexy treatment.

Fashion brand Felissimo specialises in bringing the latest Japanese trends to the rest of the world. So you can thank them for hijacking your childhood memories.

This raunchy Red Riding Hood raises all sorts of questions, among other things, why is she wearing a hood but no coat? Surely this outfit is going to be a bit nippy in the forest – if you know what I mean:

fairy tale underwear 02Felissimo

Snow White is an altogether different prospect. Let’s hope she only plans on wearing this while the seven Dwarves are out to work:

fairy tale underwear 01Felissimo

Finally, the Little Mermaid gets a set of sexy lingerie. I have to admit that Ariel was always a firm favourite at a young age. And well, as Sebastian said, ‘darling it’s better’…

fairy tale underwear 03Felissimo

I wonder if there are any Disney films on Netflix…


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