People Think This Teacher Dresses ‘Too Sexy’ For School

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People Think This Teacher Dresses Too Sexy For School ParisMonroe2Instagram

The world just won’t stop telling women what to wear.

In the latest torrent of spineless virtual judgement, a fourth grade (that’s Year Four or Five to you and me) teacher from Atlanta has been criticised for what she wears to school.

Paris Monroe, an educator and Arizona State University alum, has been reduced to a body in a bodycon dress by the internet who have dubbed her outfits ‘inappropriate’ for teaching.

People Think This Teacher Dresses Too Sexy For School ParisMonroeInstagram

All around the world, philestine jaws dropped to floor as they realised female teachers are not simply floating heads with minds that mould future generations, but in actual fact are women with real life bodies in all shapes and sizes.

The internet concluded that Monroe, being the owner of one of those body things, ‘looks like a stripper’. Joy.

Not only is it outrageous to assume Paris’ clothes have any impact on her teaching ability, it’s also totally fucked up that we’re talking about a woman who spends her days teaching nine and 10-year-olds. Why are adults assuming that these young children are so quick to sexualise what they see?

I personally am yet to come across a nine-year-old with an adult sex drive that renders them useless upon encountering an attractive adult female? We really need to stop pretending young people are pathetic, sex-crazed maniacs who will lose their heads and the sight of a woman’s body.

Now we can’t speak to Paris’ character or her teaching skill – although being named Educator of the Month would suggest she’s damn good at her job.

What we can say is that she doesn’t deserve the torrent of abuse, shade and doubt parents have thrown her way.

Thankfuly, the Twitter backlash against the negative comments towards so-called #TeacherBae has been overwhelming and it appears there is hope for humanity after all.

Some Twitter commentators have called the criticisms of Paris’s attire racist:

People has been saying Paris’ only crime is to have been ‘blessed with curves’. However, they’ve missed the mark. Her body shape is neither a crime, nor the point.

This is:

Maybe she likes the way her dresses make her feel. Maybe they give her the confidence to get up and teach a class of children – the thought of which would make many less hardy people break out into cold sweats. Maybe – in this materialistic day and age – her fashionable clothes earn her a dash of respect from those kids, because apparently this stuff is important now. Maybe she just doesn’t want to wear an M&S twinset in the Atlanta heat.

Maybe, actually, really, when it comes down to it, who gives a fuck? Let the woman wear what she wants, for God’s sake.