8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University

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8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD dckheads6

So you’ve started university, it’s a place to discover new ideas, learn new things about yourself and meet new people… it’s also a place rammed with dickheads, some of whom we’ve kindly listed here. You’re welcome.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD ricky gervais the office12The Office / BBC

The Guy With The Guitar

This cretinous dickbag can usually be found ruining parties by playing bad covers of Foo Fighters with his shirt off surrounded by philistines who genuinely think he’s better than Thom Yorke, despite the fact that he still struggles to fret a B7 and can’t fingerpick.

How to spot them: They’ll be carrying guitars to act as a conversation starter to make up for their complete lack of personality.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD the new statesman alan bstard wide11Image Net

The Young Politician

These people should be made a crime against humanity. When most people are going through an experimental phase – having casual sex, drinking and trying drugs – the future career politician is missing anything resembling real life by engaging in campus politics, a kind of playpen for future MPs to practice grumbling the loudest. Like child movie stars, they’ll miss out on having a normal upbringing which will manifest itself in some kind of well publicised sex shame later in life, like getting busted snorting coke with sex workers.

How to spot them: They’ll have posters of their stupid, bland faces up everywhere. (Sorry Rik Mayall, we love you.)

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD trustafarians berkeley9Trustafarians Berkely

The Drug Boaster

Despite being 17 and far too young looking to have been at Glastonbury ‘07, or once smoked a spliff with Pete Doherty, this young geezer will have you believe that he’s the Howard Marks on campus who takes drugs daily and can get you some any time, anywhere.

How to spot them: Can be seen struggling to stick skins together before pulling a whitey after a bong hit and puking in the bathroom.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD vinnie jones 0214Vinnie Jones

The Psycho Go-Getter

They’re not actually even that smart or talented but, like Roy Keane or Walter White, so ruthlessly driven that they’d probably coolly break a rival’s leg just to succeed. They see other people and social occasions as mere steps on their climb to success at a large company where their sociopathic tendencies will be well rewarded.

How to spot them: They’ll have their hand up in every lecture, their desk will be littered with notes and highlighters and they will flip American Psycho-style if your haircut/grades/stationary’s better than theirs.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD London hipster 0125Wayne Tippetts/Rex Features

The Fledgling Hipster

While not quite a full-blown hipster yet, this student has made the realisation that they don’t have to always wear trackie tops and pretend to like football. They’ve listened to Bon Iver, taken up smoking rollies and painted on some skinny jeans, and are stuck in a perpetual eye-roll over anything ‘mainstream’. It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be working in a vintage clothes shop and constantly regaling you with recipes for a killer gluten free chai latte.

How can you spot them: They’ll be pulling on a menthol outside the lecture hall while looking like they should have their picture in a dictionary next to the entry for ‘I’m so bored of life it fucking hurts’.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD Unreality Mag2Unreality Mag

The Mature Student

Similar to the go-getter, they’ll constantly harangue lecturers and be practically grinding their teeth with sheer shit-eating enthusiasm for the syllabus and tamer campus activities like the history or knitting society. Unlike the go-getter though they’ll only be this driven because they’ve seen what happens to your so-called life when you squander your youth on drink and pills and wind up a jobless alcoholic at 32… and if you look closely into their eyes, you’ll be able to see it too.

How to spot them: You’ll mistake them for the lecturer until they sit down at a bench.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD elliebweezy11 640x426elliebweezy

The Philosopher

This is the person who has done a couple of weeks of intro to philosophy and now fancies him/herself as a profound, existential thinker. They’ll make offhand remarks like ‘that table’s not really there’ while smirking like they’ve got a new toy that nobody else can play with.

How to spot them: They’ll be smoking a rollie with a liquorice Rizla, wearing a black polo neck, and reading Camus at the pub, like you do.

8 Types Of Dickhead You’ll Meet At University UNILAD guy9PIMS

The Creepy Lecturer

There’s always that one lecturer, usually pushing 50 and dressed like a Jane Austen character who you know definitely wanks about people in class, looking at every girl or boy with lingering lecherous eyes – like David Cameron staring at a pig, *maybe*.

How to spot them: ‘Sir, why are your hands in the pockets of your corduroy trousers? Why are you sweating?’ Shudder.