Emily Ratajkowski Regrets Her Part In Robin Thicke’s Controversial Blurred Lines Video

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Emily Ratajkowski Regrets Her Part In Robin Thickes Controversial Blurred Lines Video UNILAD EMILY RATAJKOWSKI in Blurred Lines video with Robin Thicke5

Emily Ratajkowski, the seriously hot model who rose to notoriety after appearing in Robin Thicke’s infamous Blurred Lines video, has branded the whole thing a mistake.

In an interview with InStyle magazine this week, she said that the video is the “bane of my existence”.

The 24-year-old, who since appearing with Thicke has featured in Gone Girl and We Are Your Friends went on to say that “anyone comes up to me about Blurred Lines, I’m like, ‘Are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?’”

She appeared in the video, flashing more than a bit of skin, that was widely considered to be glorifying rape. Some universities and their unions took the unprecedented move of banning it.

But the controversy didn’t end there. The song was subject to an intense legal battle which eventually saw Marvin Gaye’s family being awarded $7.4 million, because it was too similar to his classic ‘Got to Give It Up’.

Ratajkowski, who described herself as a feminist in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine last year, was shocked at the public reaction to the video. She couldn’t see why a “woman’s naked body is so controversial in our culture”.

She can distance herself from the video but would she be famous without it?


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