The Truth Behind Attendant ‘Sacked For On-Flight Cam Show’

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The Truth Behind Attendant Sacked For On Flight Cam Show flight cam 3Twitter/CamSoda

After video emerged of a flight attendant filming a sex-cam video in airplane toilet it turns out it’s actually exactly what we all thought it would be…

The video, posted by ‘popular’ cam site CamSoda, starts with a woman dressed in an air hostess’ outfit, standing in the toilet of a plane while she unbuttons her blouse before flashing her underwear, fondling her boobs and well, you can probably guess the rest…

At first, the collective Internet reacted with (mock) shock, with some believing the lady to be a real flight attendant, stripping off and sharing the snaps online, but it now seems there is a much more cynical reason behind this public display.

Rumours even circulated it was the airline themselves, advertising WiFi on board their flights, but this seems highly unlikely and would be a pretty risque way of sharing that message…

Despite mass speculation, it seems the stripping air hostess – who was ‘believed’ to have been sacked –  is not real after all and is actually a clever marketing ploy to promote the cam girl site.

This may disappoint a few folk, but come on, it was never going to be real was it?

The Truth Behind Attendant Sacked For On Flight Cam Show cam girl

No self-respecting airline would risk their reputation by allowing or asking one of their employees to take off her bra and post seedy snaps over the internet.

Nor would one risk their job and position by filming themselves topless in front of essentially, the whole internet world.

This definitely all seems a bit far fetched to me, but then people are pretty happy to believe anything…

Here’s a (sort of) SFW version:

Once you see it again, it all clicks in place doesn’t it?

This woman is so obviously not an air hostess desperate to get semi-naked and sacked, it’s borderline ridiculous.

The whole thing is a load of cheap promotion and now we are free to move on with our lives, without the burning question of ‘is she real or not,’ hanging over us.

Although if United are struggling for business following the recent, incident, this is exactly the kind of marketing nouse they do with getting on board…


Twitter/Cam Soda
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