There’s A Worrying Increase In Disgusting Viral Bullying Videos

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Theres A Worrying Increase In Disgusting Viral Bullying Videos bullyFacebook

Over the past few days my Facebook feed has been littered with vile and sickening videos of young children and teenagers being bullied.

They are humiliated, insulted, beaten to a pulp and recorded, before eventually being uploaded to social media where they are humiliated further. I wish I could give a reason for why such videos have suddenly become the norm on social media, but I can’t.

The circumstances behind the videos, of which there are dozens, remain unclear, however they make for a truly shocking and upsetting sight.

One of the videos I have seen being shared shows a young girl, rumoured to be in year nine at school, on the floor while an older girl hits her repeatedly in the head and occasionally kicks her.

WARNING: Incredibly Distressing Content:

The girl, known as Demmi, is utterly helpless and vulnerable. She cries and pleads with the bully to stop but all she gets in return is a crowd of boys filming the ‘torture’ (as the Metropolitan Police called it), laughing at her as she sits terrified on the floor, and urging the bully to ‘leather her’, ‘stamp on her’, and ‘hit her in the face’.

When the bully asks the girl what she’s crying for, Demmi replies that she is hurt, as the group of despicable oxygen thieves laugh and call her a pussy.

She moves around on the floor refusing to get up as the bully laughs at her and says ‘aww is poor Demmi scared?’. Demmi replies that she is in fact scared, leading the boys to laugh and utterly humiliate her as the bully mutters ‘I ain’t backing out. I’m still going to bang you. I’ll fucking kick you in the head for about an hour’.

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The bully proceeds to drag her by the hair with one hand while hitting her yet again multiple times to the back of the head as everybody laughs. One of the boys even suggests that they should throw her shoes away.

The clip comes to an end as the bully makes Demmi admit that she ‘banged’ her, asking ‘did I just bang you or not?’. Demmi replies that she did.

It’s a horrible video but fortunately due to it’s shocking nature it spread across social media like wildfire leading to the bully, who cannot be named for legal reasons, being expelled from school, as well as arrested and imprisoned by police.

Unfortunately there is a rumour that the victim of this harrowing attack received brain damage as a direct result of her injuries – however this hasn’t been confirmed.

I wish I could say that the above incident is a lone one but it is not, and this next video is just as vicious and vile.

WARNING: Incredibly Distressing Content:

This incident was filmed in Romford, London and shows a young boy surrounded by a small gang of teens. As soon as the camera begins to roll the boy is hit hard across the jawline, completely unguarded, dropping him to the floor as the attackers laugh, shouting ‘you got dropped big man’.

The victim is completely out of it – and in a state of pain and confusion he tries to stand up but falls, showing visible signs of unconscious. However the attackers force him back to his feet before hitting him once again.

The victim lies on the ground as his eyes roll around in the back of his head but the attackers continue to kick and laugh at him.

Sadly these videos are just two of many that have surfaced in recent weeks, along with another entitled ‘smash the p***’ where a group of schoolchildren in Edinburgh gang up on a young Asian boy, pushing him to the ground before kicking and hitting him.

WARNING: Incredibly Distressing Content:

Then there is a video of a teenager having his phone and watch stolen by a gang of four other boys before they attack him.

WARNING: Incredibly Distressing Content:

And another video circulating online shows a schoolgirl being attacked on a busy bus by another girl because she was on the phone to her mum.

WARNING: Incredibly Distressing Content:

Of course, bullying is not a product of the modern world. However, this new trend of bullying being filmed and shared on social media – adding further humiliation to the victim – is, and it needs to stop now.

Personally I just can’t get my head around it.

The comment sections on all of the above videos, and several more I have seen circulating on social media, are full of comments calling for the bullies to be attacked themselves or arrested – however the videos are uploaded by the bullies themselves, and that utterly puzzles me.

What sort of mindless, degenerate, colossal cuntbucket would even for a second think that uploading a video of them attacking somebody, robbing somebody, or even just insulting somebody is going to end well for them? But then again, these are the sort of people we’re dealing with here. Utter fucking scum.

Thankfully their stupidity has paid off – as the majority of the runts in the videos above have since been arrested. However, the damage has already been done. Such vicious and vile attacks will leave serious long-term psychological and physical damage to the victims, and we can only hope that they recover soon.

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If you or anyone you know has been the victim of bullying, the Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign has loads of really useful information and advice.

Alternatively, if you’re under 19 you can contact ChildLine for advice and support on a range of issues, by either calling their free number 0800 1111, talking to a councillor 1-2-1 online, or emailing them.

If you’re 18 or over the Samaritans are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to provide confidential emotional support. Their free to call number is 116 123, and you can email them at [email protected]