Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures

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Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures habits1

World leaders are revered by many, detested by some, but of interest to all.

Despite being held to a higher level of expectation and accountability, such figures are at the end of the day only human, and humans have some pretty strange hobbies.

Check some of these odd habits out.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures modi

Modi The Would-Be Model

Taking selfies and being obsessed with your appearance is more often associated to teenagers than politicians, but Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is guilty of both.

65-year-old Modi has been in office since May of 2014, and his commitment to maintaining a sophisticated look has not gone unnoticed by Indian media.

And when you look good you want to share it with the world, and Modi’s selfie rich Twitter account has attracted over 16 million followers.

His selfies have also landed the prime minister in hot water. After voting in national elections he included the the logo of the Bharatiya Janata Party in a snap, upsetting opponents who said it violated election laws.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures pope

Pope Francis Loves A Tango

Pope Francis has proven on numerous occasions that he is not your average hard-line leader of the Catholic faith, publicly stating he wants a less rigid church.

The Argentinian likes to binge on ice cream, enjoys a good game of football, previously worked as a bouncer, and he loves the tango.

Just check out his 78th birthday celebrations.

In 2010 while still known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the future pope was reported as saying ‘Tango comes from deep within me’.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures gates

Bill Gates And His Left Hand

What could be more important than meeting some of the most important men and women on the planet? Well if your Bill Gates apparently it is whatever is in your left pocket.

Time and time again the Microsoft mogul has been snapped shaking hands while keeping his left hand firmly rooted in his pocket, and it even caused outrage when spotted in South Korea.

One outlet even dissected the ‘insult’ on the news.

Is he rude, culturally inconsiderate, or too laid back for his own good? Well considering he is donating roughly £30 billion to charity when he dies, maybe the world could let this habit slide.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures key

John Key Likes To Pull Girls Hair

In 2015 prime minister of New Zealand, John Key, was forced to apologise to a waitress at an Auckland Cafe for repeatedly tugging on her ponytail.

To make matters worse, his penchant for hair pulling was exposed as an all too regular occurrence.

Key did release the following statement to clarify the issue:

We have lots of fun and games there, there’s always lots of practical jokes and things. It’s a warm and friendly relationship. But if you look at it now, no. When I realized she took offense by that, I just sort of immediately went back, gave her some wine, apologized, and said I was terribly sorry. . . It was all in the context of a bit of banter that was going on, and so obviously, I immediately apologized for that. She thanked me for that and said, “That’s all fine, no drama.”

Doing it for the ‘banter’ and remedying the matter with wine? John Key sounds like he’d be better suited to a season as a rep in Magaluf as opposed to governing New Zealand.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures lama

The Dalai Lama Has A Secret Passion For Watches

What do you get the man who leads a religion strongly opposed to materialism for Christmas? A nice watch should do the trick.

The Dalai Lama has admitted his fascination, but says he doesn’t tend to buy them himself.

He said:

I just like watches. I have 15 watches now, they are mostly gifts. My first watch was given to me by President (Franklin) Roosevelt.

I like watches, I don’t know why. Maybe, because I am a reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama.

I was told (that) he was fond of pocket-watches, rosaries and horses, but I am afraid of horses,”

Roosevelt had sent him a gold Patek Philippe along with a letter at the age of seven. He lost the letter but still wears the watch to this day.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures kelly

Malcolm Turnbull Blogs As A Dog

Being a politician is all about representation, lending a voice to the masses that go unheard. But the world was a little surprised to hear the prime minister of Australia had written blogs in the persona of three dogs.

Roxy, JoJo, and Dusty the Kelpie have all featured on his ‘Dog Blog‘, which was last updated in April 2015.

Well he is still preferable to Tony Abbott.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures rockerfeller

David Rockefeller Sr. Collects Beetles

At 100 years of age you can forgive David Rockefeller Sr. for taking his foot off the accelerator and enjoying a nice quiet pastime.

That quiet pastime is collecting beetles and searching for them on a global scale.

The former banker, worth an estimated $3 billion (Roughly £2 billion), has been fascinated with bugs since he was just a seven-year-old in 1922. He even collected a few specimens while fighting in Algeria during WWII between 1943–44.

Rockefeller allegedly takes a jar wherever he goes just in case he an insect of note crosses his path, and having sponsored numerous expeditions the billionaire has had numerous species named after him. This includes the Diplotaxis rockefelleri, a rare high-altitude scarab from Mexico.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures putinReuters

Vladimir Putin Follows The Strictest Of Daily Routines

Apparently Vladimir Putin is a bit of night owl, working in to the wee hours and waking up close to noon each day as a result.

That may make him sound like a student with a fast approaching deadline, but no, it is just how he likes to do things and his routine is strictly regimented.

Once awake the Russian president is served a fresh breakfast that always features cottage cheese, plus an omelette or porridge. After some juice and coffee Putin then has a swim for two hours.

Then it is time to be briefed on all things security, with the latest foreign, domestic, and military intelligence reports delivered daily along with huge press files.

If required the Russian leader will then head to the airport and travel to meet foreign dignitaries, to the Kremlin, or wherever else he is required.

That guy needs to break his habit with some other hobbies by the sound of it. Mind you, that could lead to more shirtless horse riding. Keep doing what you’re doing Vlad.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures merkel

Angela Merkel Has A Habit For Hoarding Food

You can’t always break the habit of a lifetime, and after growing up in communist East Germany for 35 years Angela Merkel grew to always treat food as scarce.

The German Chancellor is very open about this tendency, and has confirmed it during interviews.

She has said:

I still buy something as soon as I see it, even when I don’t really need it. It’s a deep-seated habit stemming from the fact that in an economy where things were scarce you just used to get what you could when you could.”

It is also reported that life under Soviet rule was so influential it took Merkel 15 years post unification to comfortably say the word supermarkt, instead favouring the East German kaufhalle, which translates as ‘buying hall’.

Finally, a politician who knows the price of a pint of ultra heat treated long life milk.

Ten Weird Habits And Passions Of Powerful World Figures habits

Queen Elizabeth II Catches Bats On A Daily Basis

Probably the most unexpected habit on this list, Queen Elizabeth catches bats on a daily basis apparently.

It is well known how Britain’s head of state feels about corgis, but she has been reported by an unofficial royal biographer to catch bats with a butterfly net solo.

Brian Hoey told abc:

The fact [is] that the queen goes batty every afternoon, and by that I mean the queen likes to collect the bats who nest up in the higher reaches of the great hall,” Hoey said. “She brings them down with a large butterfly net on a long pole. And, of course, in Britain bats are a protected species so she has to release them. They’re nocturnal animals so they come back again every night, so she does it again the next day.”

Well it keeps her busy I guess, and I do enjoy the thought of Lizzy running round a castle with a giant net like something out of Scooby-Doo.