Leonardo DiCaprio Sounds Like He’s Absolutely Terrible In Bed

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Leonardo DiCaprio famously went all out for the Revenant, working hard to bag himself an Oscar, but it seems he doesn’t bring that level of commitment to the bedroom. 

An anonymous source has described what it’s like to bed the Oscar winner and the reviews – unlike those for his films – aren’t great, with Leo being described as ‘selfish, lazy and downright rude’, Cele|bitchy reports.


The story comes from Star Magazine, and quotes an unnamed source who says that the 41-year-old vapes and wears a pair of headphones while he’s getting down and dirty.

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The woman in question described to a friend that Leo didn’t really take part in the action, instead signalling the woman to keep going while he vaped and listened to music.

The chilled out star apparently zoned out to MGMT while the embarrassed woman just carried on, hoping he’d take charge or action at some point. The star never bothered though, allegedly leaving his lover wondering why she bothered.


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Another source explained that Leo’s got lazy with women because of his status.

They claimed: 

Leo knows women are mesmerised by his stardom, so he obviously doesn’t care at all whether they’re satisfied or not. He can sleep with almost any woman he wants without even trying, so it’s no surprise he doesn’t try in bed either.


We’re not sure if we buy the anonymous source’s story – it sounds more like an attempt to knock Leo off his coolest man alive perch…