The First Reactions To Captain America: Civil War Are In…

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The First Reactions To Captain America: Civil War Are In... from captain america civil war to finding dory 10 movies to look forward to in 2016 734527 640x426Marvel

After Batman V Superman proved that superheroes fighting each other is a lot less entertaining than it sounds, many people began to worry about Marvel’s superhero brawl, Captain America: Civil War.

Let’s be honest BvS struggled under the weight of its three superheroes, while The Avengers: Age of Ultron was an enjoyable if flawed piece, which even the geek king, Joss Whedon, said was a struggle to make. Mainly because of the vast number of characters it had to deal with.

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So how would the Russo Brothers deal with a larger cast than even AoU? Especially when their only other experience with filming a superhero movie was the brilliant, but definitely small scale, Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Well, a few lucky fans have seen the first official screening of the highly anticipated threequel to Captain America, and it seems we needn’t have been worried.

Those who’ve seen it seem very pleased at how the Russo Brothers handled their second foray into the world of masks and capes taking to Twitter to sing the praises of the film.

Here’s a few of their tweets…

However not everyone was full of praise…

But the real question of course is what was the new Spider-Man like…

For those, like me, who have to wait until April 29, here’s the trailer to tide us all over…