This Is How Much Jennifer Lawrence Made This Year

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Mockingjay Part 2 Katniss This Is How Much Jennifer Lawrence Made This Year

In the past few days, Jennifer Lawrence emerged as the highest earning actress on the face of the earth for the second year running. 


This year, the star of Joy, X-Men and the Hunger Games franchise, picked up a mind-numbing $46 million (£35m), reports Forbes.

Apparently, Lawrence has made such an astonishing amount due to the release of the final Hunger Games film towards the close of last year, and as a result of the new X-Men film hitting cinemas earlier this year.

Unfortunately (except not unfortunate in the slightest), the actress has actually lost some value. Last year, she made $6m more. Woe is her.

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However, one thing that is rather interesting is the lingering pay-gap difference between men and women, a debate which Lawrence has consistently voiced her opinion on.


According to a list of the highest earning celebrities of this year, Forbes revealed that the highest earning actor, Kevin Hart, made a crazy $87m (£66m) dollars.

That’s $41m (£31m) more than Lawrence.

To be fair, Kevin has appeared in some box office smashers in the past 12 months, such as Central Intelligence, Ride Along 2 and The Secret Lives Of Pets – so it’s relatively hard to compare the two when their work is radically different.

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According to the same list, the highest grossing celebrity of this year alone is Taylor Swift who has made $170m (£129m), $60m (£45m) more than One Direction who stand in the number two spot.


Unfortunately, I didn’t make the list this year – maybe next year.