Bizarre Note In Park Warns Of ‘Dirty Dogger’ Who Touched Writer’s ‘Special Place’

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Bizarre Note In Park Warns Of Dirty Dogger Who Touched Writers Special Place UNILAD 948259810Folkestone Herald

A bizarre note has been left in a Kent park, warning people to watch out for a ‘dumpy dogger who wants you to join in on their dirty antics’.

Apparently someone’s been trying to trick walkers into coming out for a late night dogging session, and they even had the audacity to touch the writer ‘in their special place’.

The notice was stuck to a few trees along a popular dog walking route behind Barnehurst golf club, Bexleyheath, The Mirror reports.

Bizarre Note In Park Warns Of Dirty Dogger Who Touched Writers Special Place UNILAD dogger warning13via The Mirror

The note reads:

Warning. Please be warned about this woman.

This woman is a disgusting pervert.

Friendly at first but be warned she has an agenda! Both she and her partner are doggers, trying to test the waters to see if you want to join in their dirty antics.

I am warning you as I was naive and thought she was just over friendly, she makes acquaintances then makes remarks and advances that are sexually motivated. Inviting you to midnight walks with ‘the dog’ except there is not dog!

She must be avoided – when she tried to touch me in my special place I knew that she was a dirty pervy dogger. She got very abusive when I challenged her on her antics. She is trying to arrange seedy get togethers on this field – if she offers you a 10 man train or asks if you like pearly rain you know it’s time to walk away.

We have all seen the stockings in the bushes, give her a wide berth.

Sounds like something straight out of Brass Eye.


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