Council Remove Funny Spoof Plaques From Benches As They Might ‘Offend People’

By : Jamie Roberts |


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A council has removed a series of spoof plaques that were placed on benches.

Council officials in Chester weren’t amused by the funny plaques, which were put up to protest Cheshire West and Chester City council’s proposals to introduce a Public Space Protection Order to address antisocial behaviour in the area, The Telegraph reports.

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Thousands of locals have signed a petition against the Public Space Protection Order, and the two street artists responsible for the plaques claim they put them up as they feel the plans would ‘target the homeless and socially vulnerable’.

The council has removed the signs now, as they were worried some people might be offended by them.

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The council’s head of place operations, Maria Byrne, told the Chester Chronicle: “We have removed the plaques from five benches and although they may appear humorous, some people may find them offensive.”

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One of the artists responsible for the plaques told the Chronicle: “This was all done in good grace and with no malice or thought of financial gain… We just hope the residents and visitors of Chester enjoyed them while they could.”


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