Demi Lovato Just Destroyed Fan’s Drawing Of Her As Naked Mermaid

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Demi Lovato is known for taking no shit from haters or the media – and now we’ve realised she doesn’t pack a punch when talking to creepy fans either. 

While she’s usually admired for her sass, the pop singer has been slammed for her harsh response to a fan drawing of her as a naked mermaid.

Demi has just released a new single, Body Say and promoted it with some beautiful black and white portraits in which she lies naked on a bed.

If I had it my way I would take you down #BodySay

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Scared of what I might say Cause I’m at the edge #BodySay

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If I had it my way I would turn you out #BodySay

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And if my body had a say I would come again #BodySay

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One member of her adoring fanbase – who call themselves Lovatics, FYI – took artistic inspiration from the photography.

He knocked out a quick sketch of Demi with some fishy additions.

While I commend the craftsmanship and the attention to detail, particularly on Demi’s scaley bottom half, Lovato pointed out that the drawing isn’t exactly anatomically accurate.

She wrote:

Is that how my boobs should look? It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body.

Arguably Demi is right to call out images that alter her real figure, for the same reason that some female public figures now refuse to be PhotoShopped.

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While she, as an artist, has full control over the promotional photographs that see her posing in a similar fashion, drawings created by a fan take that control away. Her body becomes their plaything, to be moulded how the artists sees fit.

I understand why Demi is reluctant to welcome drawing like this with open arms, but equally, it was a bit harsh to directly comment on the seemingly well-meaning artist’s Instagram post.

He responded to Demi’s put down on Instagram, immediately jumping to his own defence.

He wrote:

If I make your waist slimmer and your bobs bigger to accentuate the fact that I drew you as a mermaid, a mythological creature, doesn’t mean I say that you should look like that or all girls should look like that.

The artist added, ‘I worked a lot on that drawing and I as proud of it, but not anymore.’

Now, of course, the Twittersphere has stepped in and slammed Demi for being cruel.

Although the commentators are right to wish we lived in a world where women didn’t have to take representation of their bodies so seriously, unfortunately this is not the case. Personally, I’m with Team Demi on this one.

Not only do I find the idea of drawing celebrities in fantastical and compromising positions a little unsettling – do they fulfil some slippery fantasy for the artist? – I also resent the fact that Twitter thinks it has any right to tell Demi how to feel about a representation of her own body.

It’s her’s, guys. She can feel how she wants.