FIFA 16 vs Sex Toys: One Girlfriend’s Perfect Comeback

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FIFA 16 vs Sex Toys: One Girlfriends Perfect Comeback %name

Bradley and Danni have had an epic twitter fight which all started because of FIFA 16. In the end Bradley got absolutely pummelled by the missus and I wish him a swift mental recovery.Β 

Bradley is your everyday lad who enjoys boxing, football, dogs, and a bit of banter. I’m sure he fucking enjoys netflix and chill as well.

The fella made it abundantly clear last weekend that he needs to cut back on one of his loves now FIFA 16 is out.

He chose to cut back on Danni, which I personally believe is a poor life choice.

Bradley’s “Bye Danni” tweet went viral with over 8,000 retweets and 4,500 favourites.

Danni, then goes on to show that she won’t be taking Brad’s lighthearted jab lying down. I doubt young Brad was ready for what came next…

Danni’s response now has over 11,000 retweets and is nearing 10,000 favourites. It’s fair to say she brought her Twitter A-game and absolutely deliveredΒ a brutal smackdown.

Ann Summers joined in on the fun, offering to send Danni the product in question. Another heavy hit for Bradley.

That is a damn fine knockout victory for Danni.


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