Holly Willoughby Loses It Again At Gino D’Acampo Sexual Innuendo

By : Joseph LoftusTwitterLogo


Holly is no stranger to uncontrollable laughing fits on This Morning, and on today’s episode she completely lost it once again.

While eating a forkful of pasta, Holly asks a smoky eyed Gino D’Acampo how to say ‘twiddling action’ in his native tongue.

Gino first replies with ‘twiddling action’ – stating the obvious – before he goes onto translate the phrase into his first language, reports the Huffington Post.

And, it turns out that ‘twiddling action’ is translated as ‘forchetarre’ in Italian, and it sounds pretty damn rude when pronounced properly.

Holly Willoughby Loses It Again At Gino DAcampo Sexual Innuendo %nameITV

Ultimately, Holly just can’t handle the pronunciation and spirals into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

And Gino doesn’t help, adding a casual ‘you fork whatever you want’.

Tut tut. It’s a miracle anything gets done on that show…




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