ITV News Confused Ainsley Harriott And Sir Lenny Henry, Internet Reacts Hilariously

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Some mistakes can be swept under the carpet and forgotten about, but it’s no surprise ITV’s gaffe yesterday seems to not be going away anytime soon…

They apologised after they showed footage of Ainsley Harriott during a piece about actor Sir Lenny Henry being knighted by the Queen. Awkward.


A co-founder of Comic Relief and a campaigner for diversity in British TV, Sir Lenny was recognised for his services to drama and charity during the ceremony at Windsor Castle.

However, instead of a fitting tribute for Sir Lenny during his knighthood the archive footage showed celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott singing, understandably leaving quite a few confused. What a monumental cock up.

Chef Ainsley Harriot Promotes Cookbook Melbourne X8hqiHSYgOUx

Guys, you had one thing to do! It wouldn’t surprise me if the person who made that blunder was already out the door…

The broadcaster posted an apology and said it was down to an “error in the production process” in a statement.

At first the British public were pretty outraged by the incident with many taking to Twitter to vent their fury at ITV, but once everything calmed down a tad, it turned into some pretty funny stuff. Some of these tweets are absolute genius.

You probably don’t want to try this one at home… it sounds fucking terrifying.

Apparently the former Ready Steady Cook host is quite well known in Birmingham too…

Whilst others simply poked fun at ITV’s ridiculous blunder with other ‘easy’ mistakes to make…

On the UKainsley Harriott Facebook page, Ainsley also had the pleasure of being spawned into other things he wasn’t apparently supposed to be in…

If only he was in Star Wars, oh wait.

ainsley 1Facebook

The Matrix? Why the hell not…

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Whilst another found a more fitting comparison…

ainsley 21Facebook

Congrats on the knighthood anyway Sir Lenny, well deserved!


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