Photoshop Troll Who Edits People’s Selfies Is Back With More Hilarious Work

By : Ben HaywardTwitterLogo

Photoshop Troll Who Edits Peoples Selfies Is Back With More Hilarious Work fridman1Twitter

Our favourite Internet warrior is back again, sorting out peoples’ shoddy photos for them with his expert use of Photoshop.

It seems the Internet hasn’t learned its lesson, as numerous vain people are continuing to pester James Fridman online to help improve their – normally absolutely fine – photos.

While his edits don’t always deliver the results they were after, they certainly provide the rest of us with a bloody good laugh.

So here, for your enjoyment are James’ latest masterpieces. Just keep doing what you do sir:

It’s amazing how many people want to look like the Kardashians, but James isn’t giving in that easily…

Sometimes he helps people to fulfil their dreams…

He also uses his powers to make some very relevant points…

Sometimes people ask to much…

But other times he nails it…

But most importantly he uses his abilities to remind people that they are great just the way they are:

Our hats off to you James. Truly great work.