These Could Be The Worst University Roommate Horror Stories Ever

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roommate1 These Could Be The Worst University Roommate Horror Stories

If you’ve ever lived in university halls, you’ll know that there’s always that one roommate who’s a little strange… Quite often you can sense it straight away – like a glowing aura of weirdness swirling around them.

In fact, everyone has at least one bizarre story about an oddball roommate, so in its infinite wisdom, Reddit asked its users to submit their most disturbing shared living experiences and, as usual, it didn’t disappoint. So here is a small selection to get your teeth into, but this is by no means all of them, check out the full list here.


The Thief – jdk11793

Had a roommate who took a picture of my student ID so he could buy pizza when I wasn’t on campus. The kid charged $90 worth of pizza over about a months period. He got reassigned to another dorm room about two weeks later. When he moved out he took a bunch of my shit with him. Clothes, duffle bags, five pound bag of protein, and the remote to TV. I go back to the police and they make him come into the station. He denied the whole thing but the idiot still had the remote in his pocket. Ended up getting all my money and shit back but it was a pain in the ass.

roommate2 These Could Be The Worst University Roommate Horror Stories

The Wanker – YesLikeTheJeans

Towards the end of the year I walked in on my roommate jerking off a LOT; up to three times on some days. It got to the point where I’d pretend to yell to my friends down the hall things like “I’ll be there in a minute. Let me just grab something from my room real quick” just to buy him a few seconds of time to close out of his tabs (he’d watch porn at his desk right in front of the door) and pull his pants on. Sadly that stopped working when he started wearing headphones…

roommate3 These Could Be The Worst University Roommate Horror Stories

The Hermit – DefOkraMadison


The dorm manager introduced me to my new roommate, who I immediately got a weird vibe from. I put down my suitcases, and left for a class. When I opened the door just a few hours later, my way was blocked by a butcher-paper wall with two paper doors in it. The doors were hinged with tape, and only the left one was open. I could see my things through it, so I entered, and from there I could see that he had constructed a central wall of butcher-paper, dividing the room floor to ceiling, giving us each half the window. The (metal) bunk bed had been moved to the centre of the room and embedded in the paper wall, such that I could only get to the bottom bunk. We each had complete privacy – there were no gaps anywhere, even on the floor. Though I admired his work, I didn’t want half a room, or a crazy roommate, so I got the manager, who gave me another room.

roommate4 These Could Be The Worst University Roommate Horror Stories

The Dealer – Kopman

Roommate started selling cocaine out of the dorm room. Halfway through the first semester my laptop ‘went missing’, ironically found it on eBay within 10 minutes with him as the seller. Called the cops when I got him get kicked out. Fun stuff.

The Cleaner – DuLL_ExIsTeNz

My roommate in college used my toothbrush to clean the toilet and then put it back. He didn’t tell me. I went to use it later that night and there were brown pieces of shit and toilet scum on it. When I asked what was up, he readily admitted to it and acted as if he did nothing wrong.

roommate5 These Could Be The Worst University Roommate Horror Stories

The Gamer – conundrumbombs


Had a roommate who literally never left the dorm room because he played World of Warcraft around the clock. He was so addicted, that he had set up a fridge next to his desk and kept it stocked so he only had to leave his desk as few times as possible. But here is the worst part: to cut down on restroom trips, he would urinate into a container at his desk, and empty it only when it became full. It was disgusting.