This Could Be The Saddest Lap Dance You’ve Ever Seen

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This Could Be The Saddest Lap Dance Youve Ever Seen lapdanceFacebookThumbnailYouTube

Getting a lap dance is supposed to be fun right? That’s what I’ve heard anyway…

Unfortunately for the guy in this video, he looks like he’s having anything but fun as the woman – widely reported to be his wife – shakes her thang for him.

Instead his unwavering thousand yard stare makes it seem like he’s in the midst of an extreme existential crisis, questioning the very nature of life itself and realising the true insignificance of his place in the universe.

Or maybe he’s just not feeling one hundred per cent – we can’t be sure

Either way, for some reason – that by the looks of things even he doesn’t know – he must’ve agreed both to it being filmed and for it to be broadcast on the internet.

To be perfectly honest, even his wife doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it very much.

Although to be fair, seeing the recipient of your lap dance looking like he’s watching a documentary about animal cruelty isn’t going to inspire your best work.

The one positive we can all take away from this is that the Hawaiian shirt remains a must have garment for any self respecting gentleman.


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