Artwork For Naughty Dog’s Gritty Jak And Daxter 4 Emerges Online

By : Mark Foster |



Images have surfaced that depict the gritty artwork for the cancelled Jak 4 title that Naughty Dog were working on before they went on to meteoric success with the likes of Uncharted and Last of Us.

Jak 4 was in fact a placeholder name for the title, as it was intended to be a reboot for the Playstation 3. The artwork would seem to suggest that Naughty Dog had planned to make a much darker version of the much loved platformer.

As Jak 1-3 had a pretty light-hearted, cartoonish style, it would have been interesting to see how this one would play out. With Daxter being a comic relief character, what would he have been like? It’s not even clear he would have been in the game at all, as he’s not featured in any of the artwork and the game was simply called ‘Jak 4’. Maybe Naughty Dog will go on to reboot Jak as they had originally planned. With the Uncharted series is wrapping up, only time will tell.

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Cpyg975YGjak and daxter 4 artwork pieces 1.jpgdailybreakings
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