Awesome Witcher 3 Statue Features ‘Lifelike Skin’

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3130853 1 Awesome Witcher 3 Statue Features Lifelike SkinHave you ever wanted to own a statue that features ‘lifelike skin’ as a feature? Probably not, because that sounds super fucking creepy – but this Witcher 3 figurine really is a thing of beauty.

We all know and love Geralt of Rivia of course, and now he can be ours (skin and all) for a princely $770 (about £580). Check it out in all out below.


limiterad dyrursnygg 1866343 650x Awesome Witcher 3 Statue Features Lifelike SkinPrime 1 Studio

Wow. I’ve never been much for super expensive collectables, but this one really is insanely cool – if I had buckets of money to piss away, I’m pretty sure this would be one of the first things I picked up.

From Prime 1 Studio, this beast stands at 26″ , with only one thousand being made – a second batch, featuring a switchable head will be rarer still at 500 units.

Prime 1 Studio make use of a ‘high-quality translucent resin’ that creates the look of ‘lifelike’ skin. If you’ve ever wanted to stroke Geralt’s face, this is probably as good as you’re ever gonna get.


limiterad dyrursnygg 1866363 650x Awesome Witcher 3 Statue Features Lifelike SkinPrime 1 Studio

It should be noted before you dash off to take out a second mortgage on the house that the statue is currently only a prototype, so a number of details could change.

However, it’ll probably only get better – this is the first in a new line of Witcher 3 ‘premium collectables’ from Prime 1. Geralt should obviously be first, and I imagine Ciri will be next.

limiterad dyrursnygg 1866393 650x Awesome Witcher 3 Statue Features Lifelike Skin


You’ve still got plenty of time to save your pocket money if you’re interested – Geralt won’t be with us until sometime between July – September 2017.