Dark Souls 3 Beaten By Pro Who Doesn’t Get Hit Once

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Dark Souls 3 Beaten By Pro Who Doesnt Get Hit Once FDP SS 002.0When I finished Dark Souls 3, it was only after deaths and failures somewhere in the region of a ‘fuck load’. By the time the credits rolled, I was done with videogames. 

So I really don’t know how to feel when a someone like FaraazKhan just rolls up and beats the game without getting hit like it’s no big deal.

Dark Souls 3 Beaten By Pro Who Doesnt Get Hit Once dark souls 3

As you would imagine, FaraazKhan spends most of his time dodge rolling like a maniac, though in a demonstration of his bravery, he’s also opted for a melee setup.

But playing brave also means playing smart sometimes, and our hero knows when to pick his battles. Conflict was often avoided altogether by running past enemies just so he wouldn’t have to worry about taking damage during the playthrough.

He also bails on some of the optional boss battles, because why put yourself through that if you don’t have to? Check him out in action below.

FaraazKhan may only just have pulled off this impressive feat, but the Twitch streamer’s already looking at taking down all of the game’s optional bosses without receiving a hit too. He’s an ambitious fellow, that’s for sure. I wish him the best of luck.

This whole tale puts me in mind of another chap who, back in February, beat the original Dark Souls without taking a single hit.

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If you want to feel even more inadequate as a Dark Souls player, then check out the star who wrecked a boss in one hit, the guy who beat the game without dodging, and the beast who conquered the game with a dancepad.


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