EA Tease Fans With Possible Battlefield Remasters

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maxresdefault 22 EA Tease Fans With Possible Battlefield RemastersMark Foster | UNILAD

While we’re all still celebrating the fact that Battlefield 1 is officially a thing, EA have given hope to the belief that previous games in the franchise might still get the remaster treatment.


Talking to International Business Times, EA’s Patrick Soderlund hinted that although their sole focus at the minute is the awesome looking Battlefield 1, they could turn their attentions to the Battlefield back catalogue in the not too distant future. He was asked about the the recent Modern Warfare remaster, and EA’s possible response to it.

rendition1.img  3 EA Tease Fans With Possible Battlefield RemastersMark Foster | UNILAD

Soderlund said:


I wouldn’t say never. We’re not doing it right now, we’re focused on Battlefield 1 – but if we think the fans want that I see no reason we couldn’t.


While that’s not a definite yes, it does leave some hope for fans of games like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Vietnam and Battlefield 2. It seems it’s up to us as fans, to convince EA that there’s enough of a demand for these games to get a run about on modern consoles. Personally I’d love to get stuck back in to a Vietnam game, and this would be a great place to start.


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