Football Manager 2016 Has A Release Date And A Ton Of New Features

By : Mark Foster |


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If sitting around in your underwear and shouting stuff at your computer screen is a familiar scenario, then you’re probably well versed in the art of Football Manager.

Luckily for you, developers Sega and Sports Interactive have announced that Football Manager 2016 is going to make your social life obsolete on 13 November of this year, as tweeted by game director Miles Jacobson.

Not just content with being a re-hash of the previous instalment, Football Manager 2016 is also being shipped with a whole host of new features. These include:

-New Game Modes: ‘Fantasy Draft’ is where you can build your own fantasy team and take on your mates in a mini-league. You’ll also be able to add your own custom-built team to any existing league with the ‘Create-A-Club’ option.

-Manager on touch-line: You can now fully customise your manager and have them get as angry at your men as you do on the touch-line with this new feature.

-Improved match day experience: Pushing the new game engine to the limit means there are now over 2000 new animations during the game. There’s new controls to help fine-tune your set pieces, and a new highlights package that shows you what else is happening in the league.

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Sports Interactive and Sega have also announced two new editions of the game – Football Manager Touch 2016 and Football Manager MobileFootball Manager Touch will allow you to save your PC game and transfer directly to a tablet to play on the go, while Football Manager Mobile is a renamed Football Manager Handheld, and will serve as a lighter experience for those who just want to dip in.

Football Manager 2016 and Football Manager Touch 2016 will both be available to buy physically and through Steam on 13 November, while Football Manager Mobile can be purchased through your phone’s app store.


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