Guy Loses His Shit Over The New Call Of Duty Trailer

By : UNILADTwitterLogo


They put cloaking in the multiplayer, and this guy is not too pleased about that.

‘Cloaking’ is a feature that makes the character become almost completely invisible. This technology will likely be accessible in the multiplayer due to the futuristic setting of the game and may be available in the form of a perk, ability or tactical equipment.

Oh, and not just cloaking:

“You can skippity-bop-be-bop all round the entire map while quick scoping. What a grand idea. Not just cloaking, quick scoping while 50 feet in the air. What an awesome idea.”

Unfortunately for his girlfriend, she doesn’t share the same passion for the game as he does. Nor does her laptop.

If you missed the multiplayer trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you can see it below: