Pornhub Ranks Overwatch Characters By Their Search Frequency

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Did you know that Overwatch porn was something of a sensation in 2016? I didn’t, but this is the world now, I guess.

According to everyone’s real favourite website, Pornhub, Blizzard’s FPS/MOBA hybrid was a hugely popular search term for wankers everywhere in 2016, beating out stiff competition (heheh) from the likes of  ‘anal’, ‘lesbian scissoring’, and even ‘threesome’.

Naturally, this sparked the curiosity of Kotaku, who swiftly requested a little more info on the average consumer’s Overwatch porn habits.

They got in touch with Pornhub, who soon responded with a list of the most-searched Overwatch characters last year.

Yes, if you really want to find out which characters folk like to fiddle themselves to the most, all you need to do is head below the trailer. You’ll come out the other side a different person, probably.

1. Tracer: 2,421,530

2. D. Va: 1,544,587

3. Mercy: 1,218,236

4. Widowmaker: 992,994

5. Sombra: 474,390

6. Mei: 311,874

7. Pharah: 213,440

8. Ana: 118,711

9. Symmetra: 32,352

10. Lucio: 22,808

11. Athena: 17,029

12. Reaper: 7,029

13. McCree: 6,423

14. Genji: 3,997

15. Roadhog: 3,661

16. Hanzo: 2,048

17. Soldier: 76: 1,676

18. Winston: 882

19. Reinhardt: 453

20. Bastion: 197

Alas, despite Blizzard’s efforts to rectify her controversial butt pose, Tracer still brings home the Gold with nearly 2.5 million searches.

Clearly Tracer was the most popular by some margin, as D. Va takes second place with nearly 1 million fewer searches.

Meanwhile – perhaps unsurprisingly – the entirely sexless robot Bastion comes in last – although it did get nearly 200 searches, which is slightly discomforting.

Check back here at the end of the year for our Overwatch Porn Awards 2017 – mark it on your calendar now, it’ll be quite the event.