Teen Stumbles Upon 18 Inch Sex Toy While Playing Pokémon Go

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Is it an Onyx? Is it a Weedle? …Diglett? Nope. It’s a colossal sex toy.

A teenage Pokémon Go player stumbled across a huge sex toy while out looking for the slightly less phallic but equally rare monster, Grimer.

Lewis Oxley posted the evidence to the Pokémon Go Doncaster Facebook page, captioned with the obligatory ‘crying laughing’ emoji face.

PokemonGoPenis 594x800Facebook

Liam said of his discovery:

I was in total shock at first when I realised what it was – it was rather a large one but I didn’t touch it for obvious reasons.

It could have been anything, a snake – or a big stick. It was just funny and I started chuckling to myself after.

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We admire both Liam’s logical reaction to avoid touching the presumably used dildo, as well as his sense of humour in the face of this double-headed 18 inch creature.

The toy appendage was left lying around in a secluded area of Hexthorpe Park in Doncaster.

Let’s just hope this monster didn’t penetrate the young lad’s Pokéballs.