This Sims 4 Sex Mod Is Insanely Graphic

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When I was a kid playing The Sims, and my lady Sims would jump in the shower or make ‘woohoo’, I always kind of wondered what was going on under those blurry modesty pixels.

I don’t think I ever really wanted to find out. Not like this, anyway. Definitely not like this.

WickedWoohoo is a mod for Sims 4, and it takes your virtual characters to places I’m not sure they should ever have gone to.

This Sims 4 Sex Mod Is Insanely Graphic Untitled 1 3

Seriously, if you’ve ever played The Sims and thought ‘this is fine, but it needs more anal, orgies, tits, and blowjobs’, then this is the mod for you.

Where the act of ‘woohoo’ was always a cartoonish affair in the standard game, WickedWoohoo doesn’t fuck around – it’s seriously graphic.

If you’re desperate for the uncensored pictures, you can head over here. I won’t judge you, I promise.

This Sims 4 Sex Mod Is Insanely Graphic Untitled 1 4

Here’s how TURBODRIVER (the mod’s creator) describes WickedWoohoo:

WickedWoohoo has fully implemented exhibitionism skill that decides what your [Sim] can do. Every level unlocks new possibilities as your sim gains more confidence. To start just change into more revealing outfit or admire yourself in a mirror.

I do have to say in defence of the mod, they’ve turned what could have easily just been Sims porn into something with a bit of depth, in terms of gameplay.

Although first and foremost, it’s basically Sims porn, and you can download it here, if you fancy it – each to their own.