Akon Blames Kardashian Curse For Kanye West’s ‘Breakdown’

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Hollywood myths and legends are peddled out regularly by the 21st century rumour mill. 

But none has been received with more intrigue and gusto than the so-called ‘Kardashian Kurse’. According to the gossping oracles, men who date the Kardashian women are destined to a lifetime of misery, doom and gloom.

So when news broke that Kanye West – married to the eldest Kardashian sister, Kim – was rushed to hospital to reportedly receive an alleged psychiatric evaluation for exhaustion, the mythical flames were fanned.

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Even respected musicians – people familiar with the pressures of a life lived in the spotlight – are buying into the Kardashian myth.

Most recently, when asked about the Kardashian curse, rapper Akon told TMZ

At first it was a big joke to everybody… You just don’t know but that’s a myth I think we’re gonna be investigating. I kinda got my eyes wide open; I wanna investigate this a little further.

When you think of it, the evidence all points to it. I guess we’ll follow this up later and see what happens in the next relationship. This is what I’ll say: If something mental happens with Tyga [currently dating Kylie Jenner] then we can say it’s safe to say. That’s three in a row.

Speaking of an African proverb, Akon added, ‘You can’t deny what you see but in this case, it’s not what you’re seeing; it’s experiences.’

Not only is it wrong to imply that Kanye’s mental health is just a bit of fun to be batted around by onlookers and the mass media, the assumption that his wife is responsible for any instability is totally unfounded, even coming from a man who has a working relationship with West.


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The origins of the Kardashian curse myth stretches back to a time before KimYe was a mere twinkle in Kanye’s eye, when people accused Khloe Kardashian of causing the downfall of then husband and basketball legend, Lamar Odom.

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The Kardashians are undeniably divisive. While their army of fans – the self-titled Dash Dolls – show unwavering adulation for the family, on the flip reverse, many people feel they represent the materialistic and narcissistic problems with modern society.

But regardless of your opinion on the reality TV family, blaming a woman for her husband’s breakdown will always smack of a sexist witch hunt.


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Piers Morgan – a man often found at the centre of a misogynistic maelstrom – has recently been criticised for jumping on the blame bandwagon after he said Kim was responsible for Kanye’s ill health.

On Good Morning Britain, the presenter and jouralist claimed the rapper had been ‘sucked into the Kardashian vortex’, much to the audience’s rage.

Morgan also went onto pen an essay suggesting the Kardashian’s are to blame for the alleged breakdown of the College Dropout musician.

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While sources suggest West is suffering from exhaustion, having cancelled his Pablo tour, Camp Kanye is yet to confirm any reports – rendering all of the hate and bile subsequently directed at Kim the product of total speculation.

God forbid we accept that Kim and Kanye are only human and simply need a break from the limelight.

Meanwhile, I’m left wondering when the mental stability of a person – whether you respect his for his musical talent or loathe him for his self-aggrandising ways – became fodder for our entertainment.