Ex On The Beach’s Jemma Lucy And CBB’s Bear Share Naked Snapchat

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Reality TV might have bred a generation of fame-hungry over-sharing individuals, but when they unite in unholy coupledom, shit really hits the fan.

Enter Jemma Lucy from the current season of Ex On The Beach and winner of Celebrity Big Brother Stephen Bear, who have been hanging out ever since Bear left the CBB house and dumped Chloe Khan, apparently.

Prankster extraordinaire, Jemma, sent out a snapchat of her and Bear naked in bed together – shock horror, it’s almost as if they’re in a consenting adult relationship.

BearJemLucySnap 1200x768

The amateur comedienne squirted Bear with assorted condiments and prodded him with plastic straws while he slept, in displays of slapstick hilarity I personally haven’t seen since Laurel and Hardy graced our screens.

snapjemlucy 540x800Snapchat
snapjemlucy2 540x800Snapchat

Lucy today admitted she’s been kicked off Ex On The Beach for allegedly clawing fellow nobody Kayleigh Morris in the face on the show.

She has also been slammed for repeatedly using the n-word on her Snapchat account. She seems absolutely charming…

Now I’m all for finding love in a hopeless place, but when the individuals are equally hopeless, my patience thins somewhat.

The couple have kindly shared so much of their disproportionately naked friendship with their lemmings on social media, from breakfast in bed to filling up at the petrol station.

We didn’t think it would be possible to lead a more staged yet catastrophically boring existence than those portrayed on reality TV, but it appears we were wrong.

Instagram and Snapchat stories have it, people.


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