Kylie Clears Up Her Confusion Between A Chicken And Pig

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Famously, the Kardashian ‘baby boss’ go confused between a chicken and a pig. 

The desperate exhibitionist became the laughing stock of Vine, with compilations of videos being made about her mix up.

The 19-year-old has now taken to Snapchat to clear up the confusion and prove she’s not an idiot.

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Maybe she wants us to realise how she realised that her realisation it was a pig not a chicken should make us realise she’s actually really clever.

On a sidenote, here’s a reminder of when the only word she could think to use was realise…

On her Snapchat, she lounges on a bed and explains ‘the real story behind me thinking that it’s a chicken.’

She said:

I love chickens. My mum asked me what I wanted for my housewarming gift and I told her I want chickens. I want a chicken coop. I’m, like, dying to have a chicken.

We had, like, over 10 conversations about it, so when I saw her downstairs with something all wrapped up in her arms, and I was upstairs, of course, I assumed that it was a f***ing chicken.

I never asked for a pig. We had, like, 10 conversations about this damn chicken. But yeah, I just wanted to make the public announcement that I do know the difference between a chicken and a pig.

Thanks for clearing that up, here’s a throwback to the ‘time of your life’:

time of my life ⭐️

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I think I was having more fun clawing my eyes out watching Donald Trump threatening to sue sexual assault accusers, than she was on that beach.

Thanks for the public announcement Kylie…

…Our faith is restored in your irrelevance.


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