People Worried About Kim Kardashian’s Health After Latest Photos

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Fans of selfie queen Kim Kardashian have noticed that she’s lost a considerable amount of weight in her most recent Paris fashion week photos.

People appear to be very interested in Kim’s weight, which has apparently dropped by four stone since the birth of son Saint in December.

The famous mum-of-two has overhauled her diet and and exercise regimes, showing off a super-slim frame in the French capital, the Mirror reports.

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The judging eye of the Twittersphere does not seem to approve of her smaller body:


Here’s a photo of Kim just over a year ago in Paris for her hair brand launch:

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And when she was pregnant with son Saint:

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Mrs Kanye West revealed her strict diet contains just 1,800 calories a day, sharing images of her meals on Snapchat and Instagram.

Snacking? Absolutely not.

The only snacks Kim eats are half an apple, cubes of cheese or an eighth of a honeydew melon. *puts down sharer bag of Doritos*

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Kim’s nutritionist, Colette Heimowitz, explained that her weight loss has been gradual after her pregnancy.

She said: 

Because rapid weight loss isn’t healthy for a breastfeeding mom. And so it was a nice balance, a steady weight loss over the past six months after her pregnancy.

Now that I feel sufficiently unhealthy, I’ll crack on with this pack of Hobnobs.


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