Rob Kardashian Leaked Kylie Jenner’s Phone Number, Trolling Ensues

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Rob Kardashian Leaked Kylie Jenners Phone Number, Trolling Ensues KylieJennerPhoneInstagram

Kylie Jenner got a cold serving of revenge yesterday, when her brother Rob Kardashian tweeted her phone number.

Needless to say, America never looks a gift horse in the mouth. Diverting their attention from the Presidential debate, multitudes of fans and haters alike bombarded Kylie with messages of varying tones.

Some asked for money, nude snaps, Pablo tour tickets and Yeezy’s. Personally, I would’ve asked her to take a sabbatical from social media and leave us all in peace.

It’s a savage sibling prank from Rob – we’re guessing Kylie had to put her Snapchat story on hold and mute her phone, which must’ve been really, really hard.

All this drama over a baby shower.

To be fair, forgetting to invite the mother of Rob’s child, Blac Chyna – and vicariously the baby – to a shower is either the dumbest or shadiest thing we’ve heard in 2016… And we’ve heard from Donald Trump a lot this year.

Speaking of which, people on Twitter seemed to have a hard time flitting between the Presidential debate and the unfolding Kardashian drama.

They’ve clearly never been introduced to the concept of double-screening, which would’ve allowed them to text Kylie profanities and follow the impending future of their nation at the same time.

Maybe Kylie Jenner is, as suspected, a cyborg controlled from Trump Tower designed to suck the intelligence from Americans and blindly lead them astray to vote for the walking wig himself… Or maybe that’s beyond even Team Trump.

Either way, Rob’s revenge plot just added to – or distracted from – the 21st century circus that is American politics right now.