Discontinued McDonald’s Food Items You Forgot Existed

By : Sam Ridgway |


UNILAD Screen Shot 2015 10 12 at 12.10.2210McDonald's CA

McDonald’s over time has been home to A LOT of different types of food – some good, some bad, and some quite bizarre. The following list is a graveyard of what once was on the menus of the world’s most popular fast food restaurant.

Not all of these were available in the UK, unfortunately, but you may remember them from advertisements…

UNILAD superfries12

Remember Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary, Supersize Me? Well, it was the reason for supersized meals being axed and the menu being streamlined completely. However, I only discovered that this had actually happened when I recently visited New York. Realising I would never experience a supersize McDonald’s meal was a dark day.

UNILAD salad12

Back in 2000, Ronald McDonald decided that everyone needed to be healthy, so he decided to shove a green salad inside what appears to be a plastic coffee cup. They didn’t perform very well, though, and not long after they were introduced the ‘premium salad’ replaced it.

UNILAD mcafrica7

A limited edition Olympic Games Burger made an appearance back in 2002 in Norway. It featured a beef patty and salad in a pitta bread, but that wasn’t enough to please everyone, as it coincided with a huge spate of famine in South Africa. Good work, guys.

UNILAD pizza16

McDonald’s made a bold move in 1989 when they attempted to slide into the pizza market. It took off well, too, and quickly found itself in over 500 branches worldwide. However, due to the time it took to cook it, it was eventually discontinued.

UNILAD burrito3

It was no surprise that the McDonald’s burrito didn’t last long back in 1991. I mean, come on, Mexican McDonald’s food? No thanks. I’d rather go to an actual Mexican restaurant.

UNILAD onion4

I’m really annoyed I wasn’t around for the onion nuggets. Chopped onions shaped into small solid pieces, dipped in batter and deep-fried. They were eventually replaced by actual chicken nuggets – but I would much prefer an onion nugget today.

UNILAD mchicken prem7

One of my all-time favourite McDonald’s burgers that I genuinely mourned when it was eventually discontinued. The spiced chicken fillet burger with salad, sour cream and salsa had a long run on the menu boards, and even created a backlash when it made it faced the chop. It is yet to return.

UNILAD arch6

The Arch was supposed to be the ‘adult’s burger’, and was more of a ‘gourmet’ style item. It came in back in 1996, but was considered a major flop after it failed to live up to expectations following a massively expensive marketing campaign.

UNILAD enhanced buzz 21404 1366320448 155

This 1995 entrant was considered the ‘super cheese burger’ and consisted of three beef patties. It coincided with the premiere of Batman Forever, for some reason, but didn’t last very long. Not like anyone was bothered, all you need to do is buy a couple of cheeseburgers and throw them together.

UNILAD ad 16116354614

The omelet sandwich didn’t last long, and I’m glad. Fuck that.