Nandos Closes Because They’ve Run Out Of Chicken

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What’s the worst possible thing that could happen as you emerge from a turkey-saturated festive season, yearning to demolish a whole peri peri chicken?

I don’t know which caused it, Brexit or Trump, but Nandos ran out of… chicken.

You would’ve thought when stocks are getting marginally low, the store manager would press the emergency poultry button.

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Well the Aylesbury branch of the popular chicken joint left people flapping and had to turn them away after running out of their essential menu item.

Nandos placed the responsibility for the fowl-up on a mishap with deliveries due to the bank holiday weekend.

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It was the end of some people’s worlds…


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Thankfully they apologised on Twitter to the customers and are now fully restocked.

Hopefully they’ve learned from this fateful experience and won’t try and wing it so much next time. Sorry.


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