Terrible News: Even Looking At Pictures Of Junk Food Can Be Unhealthy

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Terrible News: Even Looking At Pictures Of Junk Food Can Be Unhealthy UNILAD Untitled 190600Instagram/foodbabyny

Well that’s terrible news – apparently even looking at unhealthy food can be bad for us.

According to a new study in scientific journal Brain and Cognition looking at #FoodPorn can have a negative effect on how we eat.

So next time you’re cruising through Instagram looking at some ridiculously delicious junk food, take a break from your phone and stare into a dark corner for a while. As the authors of the study wrote: “The pervasive visual exposure to food has already been shown to exert an essential role in terms of consumption behaviors”.

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According to Mic researchers also studied people watching cooking shows on TV and food commercials, and found that watching them increases desire for food, “hence increasing their consumption of whatever food happens to be within reach,” they wrote.

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So basically, delicious images of food are activating a ‘powerful cue’ to the brain that influences us to eat more.

Bastards. Instagramming pictures of bricks it is then.