Terry’s Chocolate Oranges Just Ruined Christmas

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The only man I could consistently rely on as a child has finally let me down.

The greatest travesty that could be committed at Christmas has been done by none other than Terry himself.


That’s right, he is shrinking his Chocolate Orange…by 10 per cent!

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Everyone’s favourite thing to whack and unwrap will be staying the same price due to rising ingredients costs, the Daily Mail reports.

Who do we blame? Brexit? Trump?

As a side note, how satisfying is this gif? You’re welcome.


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The popular stocking filler appears to have been reduced from 175g to 157g in recent months, with fans outraged at Mondelez International which took over Terry’s in 2012 and moved production from York to Poland.

The company, who are being accused of ruining British chocolate, has also been lambasted for sneakily reducing the number of Creme Eggs and Curly Wurlys in its multi-packs while keeping the price the same.

He’s right, Terry’s Chocolate tangerine just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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The real victim of this is my mum, who is now going to have to purchase double the chocolate orange. I can’t imagine Dawn French is too chuffed either (wherever she is).

Someone wake me up from this nightmare.