The Ridiculously Specific And Horribly Expensive Diet Victoria’s Secret Models Use

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The Ridiculously Specific And Horribly Expensive Diet Victorias Secret Models Use Sakara 2Business Insider

Most people will do anything to lose weight, but would you fork out £71 a day to try the diet that Victoria’s Secret models use to stay in shape?

Sakara Life is a meal delivery service that delivers all natural, vegan, plant-based food which will reportedly help you lose weight. But is it worth the eye-watering cost and incredibly tedious mealtime experience? The founders, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, said in an interview with Business Insider that the idea is to fill your body with unprocessed food, without the downsides of a juice cleanse – definitely wasn’t planning on one of those anyway.

The pair say that Victoria’s Secret models love their service, adding:

The Victoria’s Secret Angels love our program because it’s something they can do and still have energy. You look at their Instagrams and they’re working out like crazy — they’re like athletes.

The company say that unlike a juice cleanse, which leaves you low on energy (and most likely shitting through the eye of a needle), that their meals have a ‘vast array of nutrients and plant protein to fuel their body’ which ‘helps the models feel great and get the results they want’.

But could it get anymore boring? You may as well just eat grass by the sounds of it…

The Ridiculously Specific And Horribly Expensive Diet Victorias Secret Models Use Victoria Secret 1Victoria Secret - Instagram

DuBouse claims that models use Sakara Life before a big show, so one intrepid reporter for The Independent tried out the service. Unfortunately Mallory Schlossberg, didn’t seem overly impressed with the saying the food was ‘hit or miss’.

However she did enjoy the convenience, saying:

Sakara Life delivers food to your door… The menu is planned out by the company’s team, but the program lets you choose allergens (that could be foods you don’t like or don’t respond well to or actually be allergic to) and the company will make concessions for you.

The Ridiculously Specific And Horribly Expensive Diet Victorias Secret Models Use sakara 3Business Insider

In her review she also complains that although some of the food is quite tasty, at times it can be bland and uninteresting – no surprises there then. The main bone of contention for Ms Schlossberg appears to be that the quality of the food isn’t worth the price you pay, writing: ‘It was a satisfying lunch. But was it worth $30? [£17.88] No.’

So if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably better hitting the gym rather than splashing out on ridiculously priced and incredibly bland health foods.


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