These Are The Items On KFC’s Brand New Breakfast Menu

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If you’re a lover of fried chicken, chances are this is some pretty epic news for you – KFC is now doing breakfast.

That’s right – as of this Monday October 10th (or Day One as it will surely become known) a selection of UK branches will be serving up breakfast, reports The Mirror.

So, what’s up for grabs? The star of the menu has got to be the ‘Chicken AM’ featuring Original Recipe chicken, smoked bacon, egg and cheese. Delicious.

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Also available will be your basic bacon/bacon and egg rolls with all sandwiches available as meal options, including a hash brown and a cup of coffee.

Available everyday, the menu will run from 6am – 10.30am, but sadly it will be launched in just ten restaurants across the UK for now – Brixton (London), Cobham (London), Hounslow Central (London), Victoria Station (London), Argyle Street (Glasgow), Braehead (Glasgow), Linwood (Glasgow), Llandudno (Wales), Newtown (Wales) – with the roll out expected to follow.

Head of Innovation at KFC UK & Ireland, Jack Hinchliffe, said trials have been a huge success.

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He said:

Chicken for breakfast might feel like a novelty, but there’s plenty of evidence it can become a breakfast choice here.

After all, whilst Colonel Sanders’ recipe might be a secret – the nation’s love for chicken certainly isn’t, so why not have it early?

It’s tough to argue with that logic.


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