Here’s How To Get Free Food And Money From Tesco

By : Neelam Tailor |


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Just rob it…

…obviously not. We do not condone any crime here at UNILAD.

There is actually a legitimate way to get your hands on free stuff at the supermarket chain involving them overcharging you for your shop.

Being over-charged for items at Tesco is now an aim due to their ‘double difference’ policy where they refund you double what they over-charged you, the Sun reports.

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Those are the magic words you utter to Sandra at the customer service desk and there you have it, free food or money.

For example, if you bought a massive pack of loo roll which was priced at £5 on the shelf but you get charged £10 at the till (audacious), then ask for double the difference, you should receive £5 for the overcharge, and an extra £5 for your troubles.

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A Tesco spokesman said:

In the unlikely event that we charge you more than the price shown on the shelf or on the product at the time of purchase, we’ll give you double the difference.

So if a customer is charged too much, they can make a Tesco colleague aware and they’ll be happy to help with a double the difference refund.

They have definitely incentivised trying to get over-charged, but I enjoy the generous sentiment.

One Tesco customer posted on the money-saving hacks Facebook page 10 ways to have more money as a student, without workinghow he was charged £30 for a giftbox that was in the sale for £12.50.

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He waved his double the difference wand and was refunded £30, plus an extra £5 for the inconvenience.

Every little helps, ey.


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