Chlamydia Is Apparently Spreading Like Wildfire In Magaluf

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Once upon a time, Magaluf was a popular tourist destination with a squeaky clean reputation. That was until young Brits in Mankinis ruined it for everyone by shagging on beaches and knocking back Jägerbombs until they can’t see.

Despite its reputation taking a hammering in recent years, the white sandy beaches of Magaluf still attract thousands of Brits every year.

And it’ll probably come as no surprise that the popular holiday resort, now known as ‘Shagaluf’, has seen a massive outbreak of chlamydia.

According to The Daily Star, tourists are queuing in their droves for antibiotics because so many of them have contracted the sexually transmitted infection.

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A website that advertises events in Magaluf has posted a warning to tourists about the rise in STIs. They also stressed the importance of wearing a condom when having sex.

Feelsummer wrote:

On holiday, both men and women want to let their hair down and for British holidaymakers, this often involves copious amounts of alcohol. Being drunk is often blamed for someone’s decision (or rather their lack of decision) to use protection.

The rise of binge drinking is associated with the dramatic increase in STDs in the UK, plus the number of teenage pregnancies in the UK is now much higher than in the rest of Western Europe.

Everybody understands that young people want to enjoy their holiday and let themselves go, but it’s important to always use a condom.

So, if you’re heading to Magaluf this summer, make sure you wrap up!


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