Climate Change Is Killing Boners, And Here’s Why

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Climate Change Is Killing Boners, And Heres Why UNILAD climate change sex 137301Shutterstock

As if you weren’t already worried about the damaging effects global warming could have on the environment, it now turns out that climate change could affect your sex life too.

Apparently the increasingly warm weather is killing people’s sex drive. That’s according to a new “working paper” released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, anyway, which claims the heat causes a diminished “coital frequency”.

Global warming is killing boners, basically.

Climate Change Is Killing Boners, And Heres Why UNILAD climate change sex 222212Shutterstock

Three economists studied eight decades of fertility and temperature data in the U.S., discovering a “large decline” in births following hot temperatures. A single additional “hot day” inspires a 0.4 per cent decrease in birth rates nine months later, which means approximately 1,165 fewer babies being born across the country.

The major concerns for the researchers was their find that birth rates don’t really “bounce back” after these heat waves, plus the shift in temperature results in more sex in the colder months and therefore more babies being born in summer, when infants statistically experience a higher risk of poor health.

All is not lost, however, as the researchers did note that the saviour of fertility rates could be the rise in people using air conditioners. Because nobody likes being too sweaty when they’re getting down and dirty, apparently.