Grandad’s Obituary Finds The Funny Side Of Death

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A Grimsby grandad had the last laugh from beyond the grave after writing a light-hearted, humorous obituary.

Martin Greenback, 72, had been battling the lung disease asbestosis for many years, and passed at the end of September.

He was most pissed off about the fact he wasn’t around long enough to receive his graduated pension.

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Martin worked at fertilizer firm Yara UK for 28 years, after having joined the Merchant Navy when he was 21, spending six years in service.

He wrote:

If you are reading this…… I am dead. I died on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at home ‘peacefully’ gasping for breath. LOL. I didn’t want to go but when your time’s up and you get something nasty, it’s a no-brainer – shucks – no graduated pension then.

I leave behind my best wiff ever Shaz (Sharon), my true, true love, my soulmate, my world.

My darling daughter Lisa who I dearly adore and my three wonderful grandchildren, who were a joy to have.

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Martin began writing his last words in the summer of this year, and his wife of 43 years Sharon said he found it a hard process.

Sharon said:

He told me where to add information in such as the date of death. He was always funny.

He didn’t want to die peacefully, he wanted to go out all out. Hence why he has mentioned ‘gasping for breath LOL’ in the tribute. It’s true, he just couldn’t breathe at the end.

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Sharon said:

He always respected that people were different. He used to say no matter if you are a brain surgeon, perhaps you cannot make a steak and kidney pie.

He also said that if we were all the same, we’d all be driving green Ford Escorts and listening to Justin Bieber.

He respected people for who they were. He believed that everybody had a purpose and that everybody was a somebody.

Martin had a keen interest in wine, motorbikes, and the Parish Council.