Model’s ‘Chun-Li’ Legs Have Men Lining Up To Have ‘Head Crushed’

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An Instagram famous model whose bulging thigh muscles have sky-rocketed her success has revealed how she receives a constant flurry of messages to ‘crush men’s heads’ between her legs. 

20-year-old Natascha Encinosa’s impressive thunder thighs amount to an incredible 26 inches in circumference – making them wider than a lot of models waists.

The fitness fanatics posts garner up to as much as 10,000 likes each, but they’re rife with odd comments and requests with classics such as, ‘this girl looks like she will ruin my life. How do I get married to her asap!!!!!’, and ‘just jerkin off’… Ah Instagram.

But one request is far more common than others, and in Natascha’s own words, she told the Daily Mail:

By far the most common fan request is for me to crush their heads between my thighs. I don’t really understand why, but I guess it is pretty creepy.

Although of course, Natascha’s physique does not come easy. She says, ‘there is no magic pill, program, or spell. The change is achieved solely through determination and desire’.

According to the Daily Mail, she spends two hours in the gym five days a week, and has been doing so for the past four years.

Back when Natascha was just 14, she went through a tough break up, and in her own words was ‘dumped for being fat’. But Natascha decided to turn the break up on its head and used it as inspiration to get in shape.

However only recently has she become a viral sensation, after fans noticed a similarity between Natascha and Street Fighter character, Chun-Li.

And it’s hard to disagree:

LOL. I love y’all. Should I consider cosplaying Chun Li? #ivebeennamedthereallifechunli #thanks #iwish

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As a result, Natascha says her fan-base is now evenly split between ‘Street Fighter geeks and fitness freaks’.

I know for me personally, one gif springs straight to mind:

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