Mum Releases Disturbing Audio Of Her Daughter’s Suicide Attempt

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This is the harrowing moment a mother in Australia filmed herself speaking to her 16-year-old daughter as she attempted to commit suicide.

In the heart-wrenching and tense video mum, 43-year-old Emma Parrey, can be heard pleading with her daughter, Stephanie, numerous times; shouting her name and begging her to ‘put the knife down’, reports the Daily Mail.

Afterwards, the mother said she recorded the terrifying encounter in an attempt to highlight her losing battle against the mental health services who have rejected her appeal to put Stephanie into the only psychiatric facility in the area.

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Because of the family’s constant rejection by mental health services, Emma has had to stop her daughter from committing suicide 12 times in the past two years.

Stephanie’s depression and suicidal tendencies have gotten so bad recently that Emma has had to turn her bedroom into a ‘safe room’ – completely free from any objects which she could use to hurt herself or her family.

However in turn this makes Stephanie’s bedroom resemble a bare prison cell.

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They were rejected on the grounds that they already have a psychiatrist working with them however judging from the video above it doesn’t seem too hard to see that they need more help.

During this incident in particular Stephanie had managed to get hold of a large knife and threatened to kill herself but fortunately her brother, Brae, was able to contact the emergency services before anything fatal occurred.

Stephanie is currently recovering in hospital however a recent Facebook update suggests she is still in a dark place, saying: ‘Stephanie was trying to remove her neckbrace and trying to harm herself by trying to break her own fingers and biting her knuckles extremely hard and becoming combative and threatening’.

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You can donate to support the struggling family here, or sign a petition directed to the NSW Minister for Mental Health Prue Goward here.

Hopefully Stephanie will get the help she needs soon enough.

If you’re ever feeling down The CALMzone offers amazing support to anyone when things get tough.

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The helpline and web chat service are open 5pm to midnight, every day:

NATIONWIDE: 0800 58 58 58

LONDON: 0808 802 58


Alternatively, you can contact Samaritans on free phone number – 116 123.