NOPE: Dr Pimple Popper Has Made A ‘Greatest Hits’ Compilation

By : Ben HaywardTwitterLogo

NOPE: Dr Pimple Popper Has Made A Greatest Hits Compilation pimple1YouTube/Dr Pimple Popper

Those of you who are feeling a little delicate should probably look away now…

Dr Sandra Lee – better known as Dr Pimple Popper – has become an internet sensation over the past year after she launched her ‘pimple popping porn’ YouTube channel.

The good doctor, who works at the Skin Physicians & Surgeons practice in Upland, California, has been grossing out a steadily growing audience with her various videos of weird and wonderful cysts, ganglions, pimples and lumps being squeezed, drained and popped.

Well now, like all good internet sensations, she has released her ‘greatest hits’ super-mix bringing together the best moments from her stomach-churning work.

It’s called The Ones That Come Out Clean and it’s jam-packed with enormous black-heads being squeezed out of various parts of patients bodies.

NOPE: Dr Pimple Popper Has Made A Greatest Hits Compilation pimple2YouTube/Dr Pimple Popper

It goes without saying that if you’re feeling worse for wear from last night you are definitely better off not watching this.

The rest of you – enjoy. For want of a better word.